Information on "Reservation for Limited Express"

Service flow

Purchase e-tickets for Limited Express trains online (reserve seats for Limited Express trains)
  • Select the Limited Express train and seat you would like to take.
  • Enter your credit card and other information.
  • Save or print your "e-ticket" shown on the screen after completing the purchase.
basic fare

You can purchase it at
・travel agency etc

Board the Limited Express train for your purchased e-ticket.
  • Sit in the seat indicated on your e-ticket.
  • You can change your Limited Express ticket up to three times! No need to worry about sudden changes in your schedule.
  • You can choose your seat from various types of Limited Express trains.

Click here to buy a Limited Express ticket.

Various types of Kintetsu Limited Express trains and seats are available.

“Purchase on "Reservation for Limited Express"

Click here to buy a Limited Express ticket.

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